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Ordering the book

You can order Celebrating Grandmothers though PayPal, directly from Amazon or through bookstores.  It is distributed in 195 different countries.

   UK    USA   Australia
  Amazon.co.uk Amazon.com  Amazon.com.au
 Paperback  £8.99  $13.99  n/a
 Kindle  £2.99  $3.12  $3.99

In London, it is available at the following bookshops:
Daunts, London (Belsize Park, South End Green)
Joseph's Bookshop, Temple Fortune, London
The Quaker Centre Bookshop, Euston Road, London
West End Lane Books, West Hampstead, London

It gives me great pleasure that my book has been on sale in some odd locations:

Before Christmas 2015, it was on sale at Limone delicatessen in Highgate:

It was also on sale at my local dry cleaners: